Thursday, August 29, 2013

Some Finishes

I finally quilted up my Farmer's Wife quilt.  This quilt was my first venture into quilting.  I took a class at Honey Bee, my local quilt store, with the encouragement of a friend at work.  That was January of 2010. I had wanted to learn how to quilt for several years but with my work schedule it was a unreachable goal.  When I moved to Austin and only worked a 40 hour week I did finally have time to quilt.  I jumped in and loved it ever since.  Nothing like piecing 6 inch blocks with teeny pieces of fabric to get you a jump start.  No simple stuff for me to start out with.  Of course it has a lot of pink in it.  Here it is wavy borders, bunched up setting triangles, etc.

I also finished up piecing my log cabin quilt,  I finished the blocks a long time ago.  More pink, of course.  I was trying to use up a lot of my traditional fabric.  I have to come up with some backing fabric so it will join the line up in my wardrobe with the other finished tops.  This was my first try using Quilt Pro.  I resized the log cabin block to 12.5 and started cutting.  When I finished my first block I realized that it was 13".  In Quilt Pro you have to designate the finished size.  This knowledge has come in handy when I have used Quilt Pro block designs for my Block Swap Adventure blocks.

I also finished my hexagon blocks for this month.  Our Queen Bee requested star blossoms.

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  1. I am so happy for you to have finished your farmer's wife! WOW!