Thursday, June 27, 2013

Moving to Bloglovin

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I made some gifts for my fellow executive committee members for the Austin Modern Quilt Guild.  Our term is over and we have new officers.  We were such a great team.  We really worked together well and got a lot accomplished over the past year.  Now I am back to being just a member.  I am hoping to get on a few committees so I can keep busy.

 I had made a few more, however, I finished right before I had to leave for a meeting so I did not get pictures.

This is my June Block Swap Adventure block.  A star in a star.

This is my hexie bee block for June.  This one was fairly easy.  Next month's will be more of a challenge.  

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fabric Basket Swap Goodies

I got my anticipated fabric basket and goodies last week.  It was well worth the wait.  I got the Noodlehead divided basket, some zippers, embroidery thread, sewing case and a cute wall hanging.  I appreciate the time and effort that my partner put into both fabricating the the basket and wall hanging and coming up with what goodies to share.  The goody part is always hard for me.  It is hard to guess what your partner would like.  I am pleased as punch.  Have not figured out what to put in my basket yet but I am sure I will come up with something good.

I finished up my Anything Goes Quilt.  I was in a strip swap where the theme was anything goes.  There are a whole lot of "interesting" fabrics in this quilt.  I made a pledge to myself to use up items from my stash so this is my way of making a charity quilt from fabric that I would not necessarily choose for myself.

I used the Wistful pattern from Villa Rosa Designs.  It was a bit time-consuming to cut but I like the result.  

Friday, June 7, 2013

Swaps and Bees and Charity Quilts

I have been very busy with my swaps, bee and charity quilts.  I am in a Hexie Bee.  I made my first hexie block last month.  I finally got it sent off to England today.  She wanted hexies sewn in the shape of a sewing machine.  My size was 1" hexies.  Those were pretty easy compared to the one flower hexie shape she wanted out of 1/4" hexies.  That was a challenge.  See the picture below.

See how teeny that flower is.  I don't think I have a 1/4" hexie quilt or any other project in my future.  It was fun.  The very first time I have put hexies together.  I have some basted and waiting to be put in a project but had not done the actual whipstitching.  It wasn't hard once I got the hang of it.  Next month's project is a teeny easier.

I finally cut the threads off the back of my charity quilt for Hand 2 Help.  My quilt is going to go to Happy Chemo.  The pattern is from "Scrap Republic" by Emily Cier.  I am sure that I have other quilts from that book in my future since I have so many scraps.  I pieced the back from lots of pink prints.  I quilted along the edges of my log cabin strips.

I also managed to get three more blocks done on my City Sampler.  They are shown here on my very own autographed copy of Tula Pink's book.  

I have acquired quite a few yellow, black and white fabrics to use in my sampler.  I also participated in a rainbow charm square swap.  I mailed two yards of fabric cut into 56 charms. My colors were blue and purple.  I used a blue from Simply Color and Laurie Wisburn's Tufted Tweets for my swap fabric.

Forget to snap a photo of the blue but it was the Ikat pattern.  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fabric Basket Swap

I finished up my basket for my fabric basket swap.  I used a tutorial on Leslie's Art and Sewing.  It was pretty easy to follow. I made a sample with some polka dot purple fabric first and then made the blue one I was planning on giving.

I loved the polka dot one so much better.  So the polka dot basket is going to my swap partner.  Hope she likes it. I then made a polka dot matching folder for the postcard quilt patterns from Villarose patterns.  My friend Jessica carries all the patterns since her "quilty mom" is the author of the patterns.  Jessica even has some patterns of her own under the label Homegrown. I still have to run by the store and get some velcro for the tab.  As you can see from the picture it is flying in the wind.  I also threw in some mini-charm packs  and a spool of some pretty green Mettler thread. I really had a good time with this swap.  I would do another basket swap any day.  Hmmm.  Good idea for an Austin Modern Quilt Guild swap.

Villarose Patterns and Mini-Charm Packs

Pattern Card Holder 

Blue Basket