Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Central Park Baby Quilt

I got busy on Sunday afternoon and finished piecing my "Central Park" baby quilt.  I decided to put a solid border on it.  Fabric on hand on Easter Sunday.

Monday was also pretty productive. I got this pattern from Lola Pink's shop from the designer Kate Conklin.  It is a variation of a log cabin and you cut four blocks at once.  My kind of pattern.  I am making the baby quilt first from my Katie Jump Rope fabric.  Next time I will think hard about using stripes.  Not coming out perfect.  Oh well.  Hope to get it done by the end of the week.  I already have the fabric "Hope Valley" for the lap version.  I just wanted to try it out first.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Summer Breeze

My husband and I went to the quilt store in Georgetown when we went to the Poppy Festival last weekend.  I picked up  few odds and ends on sale and he decided I needed 12 fat quarters of Moda's Summer Breeze.  Who was I to argue.

I don't think I got all of the fat quarters in the picture but you get the idea.  I am going to use the Yellow Brick Road pattern.  It is easy and fast unlike my churn dash and farmer's wife recent efforts.

I also made a baby quilt out of a Max and Whiskers charm pack and I am making another out of Central Park by Kate Spain.  I have co-workers who have had grandchildren recently and I am just looking for something small to give them.

You can see part of the Central Park nine patches to the right of my quilt.  Coincidentally, the pattern I am using the Central Park for is a Kate Spain pattern called "Verna".  I downloaded the other charm square pattern using Max and Whiskers from Sew Mama Sew.  I love free so thank you Elizabeth Hartman.

I also did not get a chance to post seven things about myself from the Stylish Blogger Award thanks to LaDonna and Diana at A Sisterly Connection. When I go out of town on business for a week it takes me a while to recuperate.

1.  I only have a year and a half until I am eligible for Medicare (a round-about way of stating my age)
2.  I had a granddaughter die of SIDS about four years ago.
3.  I really enjoy gardening even though that is on hold for now since we are presently living in an apartment.
4.  I love school and attended graduate school about 10 years ago and worked on plant tissue culture.  I  am a scientist wannabe.
5.  My favorite color is hot pink.  I have a hot pink holder for my iphone and macbook.
6.  I was blogging for several years on a site called Vox which is now defunct.  I had a lot of  photography buddies.  My husband and I share a love of photographing, what else, flowers.
7.  My favorite food is Mexican.  Coming to Texas from Missouri I really got lucky food-wise.

I guess that wraps it up.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sash and Dash

The middle portion of my Sash and Dash quilt is done.  Yeh!  It is one of those quilts that I started and put down several times.  Churn Dash blocks are tedious sometimes.  I don't have the fabric for the borders yet so I will get to that later.

Have to head out of town again so I only had time for a quicky post.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Give-away at JayBird Quilts

I just was on JayBird Quilts blog.  She is having a great give-away of fabric from The Fabric Shoppe which is an etsy shop.  So much yummy fabric. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New fabric both ordered and received

I  was out of a town the week before last and last week I was just really unmotivated.  I sewed a few blocks but that was it.  I was on a fabric buying tear though.  I received my $1.00 fat quarters that I ordered from an etsy shop.  Cute and bright pinks and purples.  Worth every penny.

I also decided I was going to join Stitched in Color's Rainbow Quilt-along.  I found three of my colors at the local Hancocks.  Went to Pink Chalk and ordered more.  I could not believe it, I had Chartreuse and Marine in my cart and when I went to pay they were unavailable.  I will get to those later.

I also have more scraps coming.  Can't wait.  Have so many scrap patterns and not enough scraps.

I also finally ordered one of those mini irons.  I can finally do some quilt in the hoop on my embroidery machine.  Add that to my list of projects.

Hopefully I will be motivated this week.  I have a few more blocks for my Churn Dash quilt to finish tonight and then I can move on to another project.