Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finally a chance to sew

I finally managed to get one block for my Farmer's Wife QAL sewn.  Yeh.

I got three more cut out.  My grandson helped me.  He liked to turn the handle on my Go Baby.  I picked some with the 2 1/2" triangles.  He also picked out the fabric.  He did a good job.  Maybe quilting is in his future.  (HeHe).  I have all three grandkids over now so I better get back to my grandma job.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Farmer's Wife Blocks

I managed to get six more blocks done before I am descended on by grandchildren.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy Day

I have been a busy camper today.  I got eight blocks cut out for my Farmer's Wife QAL.  I got two of them sewed together.  I have so much fun picking out fabrics for the blocks.  Yeah.  I did get two sewn together.  Spool and Bat wings.

I also got all of my fabric washed, ironed and all the Kona solids cut for my Bottled Rainbow QAL which is ending this month and I am just getting started.  Oh well.  I need to get more scraps in order to do the blocks. Most of my scraps are pastels or civil war and don't match the bright fabrics in this QAL.  I will get it done eventually.

This is a quilt as you go ticker tape quilt.  I am excited to get started.  I might even have enough purple fabric.

On Saturday we went to Buda and I got to pick out some fabric for my Farmer's Wife Quilt at B&B Quilting.  They have the nicest selection of florals.  I love going there.  

Sunday we headed down to Blanco for the Lavender Festival.  They always have good speakers.  This year we learned how to make cleaning products using lavender and how to grow lavender.  Also had a great lunch at the Uptown Cafe.   It was a little warm but not too bad.  There was one quilter there.  She had quilts that were hand-quilted.  They were very nice.  It didn't look like she sold too many even though her prices were reasonable.  

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Farmer's Wife Redone

Well call me crazy but I signed up to do a Farmer's Wife QAL.  I guess I am a glutton for punishment.  I completed a lap quilt with 50 blocks earlier this year from blocks I made for my Farmer's Wife class last year.  It was so much fun I guess I am inspired to do it again.

I am doing to blocks in florals and matching solids.  I have lots of fat quarters that are floral.  My husband and I both like floral fabric.  The first block was number 9.

Then I did number 73.  I guess I am going to do whatever strikes me.  That is what I did last time and it worked well for me.  I am going to try to get all 111 blocks done for the king size but the paper piecing of some of them might do me in.  We will see.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Doodle Bricks

I got my Doodle Bricks pieced.  I still have to trim the sides.  It is certainly bright and cheery.  I hope the expectant Mom is going to like it.  I hope it looks less wavy when it is quilted.  I sewed every other row from a different direction like I was supposed to.  I hope this is just the way it is placed on the design wall.

I also forgot to post a picture of a vintage block I found last weekend in Georgetown.  It is a circle with fabric fanning out around it.  I am not sure what I am going to do with it but I have some 1930's reproduction fabric that matches.  I might have to learn how to applique.  

String Blocks

I got all of my string blocks for my Quiltsville exchange.  I made 22 blocks.  Two blocks made a set.  I tried to just pull fabric randomly.  I just could not do it.  I had to have some color theme going.  I know some of the other participants have more random fabrics.  I guess I am not free enough to do it yet.  Hopefully I will get to that point.  I used all scraps.  I did not have to cut into any of my fat quarters.  I guess that means that I had a lot of scraps.  I still have lots left over.  These are my quilt scraps.  I have also purchased scraps from etsy that are from more modern designers. Most of my scraps were Moda, Red Rooster, Civil War or other traditional fabrics.  I have not really used my other scraps.  I am planning on using them for my Bottled Rainbow quilt-a-long which I will eventually get to.

Here are my blocks.  First time to do string blocks.  They were fun but a bit time consuming.

String Blocks

You can see that most of my fabrics are dark.  There are a few light beige, pink and green.  Hope that the fellow swappers enjoy my blocks.  

I finally uploaded the picture of my fix on the square in there block.  See picture.


There is a Square in There

I made it so I did not have to match the stripes.  That was kind of cheating but it looks so much better.

I never did put in a picture of last month's solids club from Pink Chalk Fabrics.  Pinks and Grays.

I have my string blocks all bundled up and ready to ship when I get back from my business trip on Thursday.  

I found out that the person I was making a baby quilt for is going on leave next week.  Don't think I am going to have it done on time.  I am still sewing strips together.  I kind of stopped that project to work on my string blocks.  Back to the baby quilt next weekend.

It has been a productive day.  My DH helped me pick out strings for my last four blocks.  I was getting tired of picking fabric.  He is so helpful and has good color sense.