Monday, May 30, 2011

Been Awhile

I have been to St. Louis two weeks ago and then last week out on an audit.  Haven't had much time to quilt until this weekend.  I did work on my baby quilt a few weeks ago.  I had to take one block apart and redo it.  It was way to crooked.

I took a picture but haven't uploaded it yet.  Will try to get that done tomorrow.

I have been working on my string blocks for my Quiltsville swap.  The hard part was ironing my scraps.  The blocks are fun and easy.  I will post pictures tomorrow.  Just wanted to put down in words what my quilting life has been like.  Not too much lately.  I need some relaxing time with me and my sewing machine.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A productive weekend

I managed to accomplish quite a bit on the weekend and today my day off.  First off I finished my "There's a Square in There" blocks.  I was moaning about using stripes.  Well it didn't work too well.  My stripe fabric is a little wonky.  This is probably going to end up in the charity quilt pile.  It was a good introduction in how to do this quilt so it was not a total loss.  Just picked up the rest of the Moda white to finish it up.

Doesn't look to bad far away but close up.  Well...

On Saturday I did an easy peasy quilt from my pattern called "Fat Quarter Shuffle"  You use six fat quarters and cut them all at once.  Then you shuffle the pieces down in the pile and sew it together.  My picture came out a little light but you can get the idea.  I got the fat quarters from ebay and they have been sitting out on my desk for awhile.  Had to end up washing them and so I decided I better use them before I had to wash them again.  Need to find a border still.

Saturday I also made it to Joann's.  They had patterns on sale and I scored Denise Schmidt's new pattern for $1.99.  It was regularly $15.99.  It is all wonky blocks so I did not want to pay too much in case I decide I can't deal with the wonkiness.

Saturday was also a good day in the mail.  I participated in my first fabric swap.  We swapped "Kitchen Sink" 2 1/2 strips.  The fabrics are fairly traditional.  I should be able to make a great scrappy quilt in the future.  The next swap is string blocks.  I am going to practice making a few before I sign up.

Sunday I cut out my fabric for "Doodle Bricks".  I started putting it together today but it is taking me longer than I thought.  I have a picture of progress to date.  I am afraid I am going to lose my light.

As a state employees we got the "opportunity" to sign up for Walk Across Texas where you walk for around 13 miles per week for three months and earn a half day off.  I signed up and of course it is raining today.  Hopefully it will stop before the light gives out.  We do need the rain so it is not a total loss.  At my doctor's appointment I got the "you need to exercise" lecture so I need to follow up on this.

Whew.  This was a long post for me.  I got a lot done.