Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Love EQ7

Okay.  I have succeeded in doing a basic appliquéd shape in EQ7 Patchwork Draw Applique.  This is someone who cannot draw.  I look forward to playing more.

I watched the EQ7video more than once in order to get this far.  I have been using Quilt Pro for Mac. It is a great program with a good block library.  I have used it several times to resize blocks for my Block Swap Adventure blocks.  It just does not have all the features you can get with EQ7.  I feel really lucky to have won a copy of this great program.  Even getting a new PC so I could use it was nice.  My husband is enjoying the new PC for his photography software.  He is learning Photoshop CS.

I am making a charity quilt with some of a somewhat dubious ebay purchase of 2.5 inch strips.  I am using another Villa Rose pattern.

This is the center of each block.  Have to add the background strips.


  1. Hi Suemac. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm pretty sure the method of paper-piecing we used wasn't Carol Doak's; I'm sure hers MUST be better! The method we used didn't appeal to me at all. First you had to cut out templates of the over-sized pieces for piecing. Templates! And all the templates were VERY small and difficult to work with. Then you had to glue down your fabric, so all the blocks are stiff with glue. Then you had to fold just right to get all the pieced chunks (they were all on a single piece of paper) just right, or they wouldn't go together correctly after all your hard work!!! I HATED it; it took forever, and I LIKE ordinary paper-piecing. I did one block and was like "Never again!" And, of course, it's my friend's favorite method. argh As you can see, I am really not a fan. lol

    I've played around with Electric Quilts Patchdraw, but only with my EQ7 book opened beside me. I've never used it for a quilt so I've never gotten very good at it at all. Your Gemini quilt is going to be really cute. Why do you consider the ebay purchase "dubious"? I hope the strips weren't badly cut. BTW I love your Rowan fabrics in your earlier post. What scrumptious colors!

    Take care,
    Susan in Texas,

  2. I've had EQ5 for years, but I've never gotten very good at it. It seems a bit fiddly to me and I just haven't given myself enough time to learn it. I'll be interested in further posts about how you are using it, and maybe I'll bite the bullet and upgrade

  3. Oh my goodness....that is amazing..I love your shape..keep playing!! I am intimidated by EQ

  4. I'm interested to hear about the dubious eBay strip purchase.

    Enjoying reading about all you are working on. Hope there will be more city sampler blocks!