Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Janome

I am so excited.  I got a new Janome 3160.  I got it before Quiltcon but just had a chance to play with it today.  I used it to sew up a Madrona Road drawstring bag.  I had done some improv curves and used that piece on the front.  We are having our Madrona Road Challenge contest at tomorrow's Austin Modern Quilt Guild meeting.

Quiltcon was amazing.  I was a volunteer and spent many an hour there.  I was lucky enough to be a workshop assistant for both Susan Cleveland and Bill Kerr.  I had the opportunity to go to a meet and greet with the Modern Quilt Guild board of directors and other guild leaders.  Everyone was so nice and even if my allergies were challenging my ability to talk I had a good time.  I was so proud of all the volunteers from our guild and everywhere else in the country.  We did contribute to the success of the event.  Next Quiltcon is 2015.  Yeah.


  1. Oh...I have been dwelling on a 'need' for a new Janome. I really don't need one and I love my 6500 but keep looking :) Is the 3160 lightweight?

    1. yep! I just got one at QuiltCon. 12 lbs. I bought it specifically for it's weight, and the stitches that it has available. I was lugging my Janome MC 6600 (which I totally love) to my classes, one of which is a machine applique class. This machine has the buttonhole/blanket stitch, where many machines this size do not. You will love this one. Worth every penny.

  2. I was so diappointed that I had to miss Quiltcon even though we only live 40 miles away. You'll enjoy you new Janome.

  3. I can't wait for QuiltCon 2015 either...where ever it may be. (Please let it be Austin again!!!)