Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back to Farmer's Wife

Someone posted their completed Farmer's Wife Quilt and I got inspired to go back and work on mine.  I had thirty blocks completed so I only need 20 more for a lap quilt.  I got motivated and cut out five more block pieces.  Now to find time to sew them together.

I got my really truly pink quilt top pieced.  The weather was not conducive to picture taking a week ago and this weekend I got to enjoy the Livestock Show in San Antonio with grandkids.  I don't think I sat down for five hours.  My feet and legs were really sore this morning.  We had fun though.

Tomorrow I have to piece a baby quilt top for a friend who is an exhibitor at Quiltcon.  Luckily the pattern is easy.  I can have it done by the afternoon.  I am trying some curved improv for my Madrona Road Challenge Quilt.  I need to have that done in a week or so for our guild meeting.  I am aiming for the grand prize.

This week is Quiltcon.  I am trying to get in shape for my 18.5 hours of volunteer work plus lectures.  Phew!  Thursday through Monday are going to be hectic.  I may need some of those Dr. Scholls gellin' insoles.


  1. Wow, you have been busy. Sounds like so much fun though. Have fun!!

  2. My sister gave the Farmer's Wife book a couple years ago for Christmas. I was so excited. But just have not be motivated to make it yet. So glad you had fun with you grand kids making memories. Good luck hope you when grand prize. I will be cheering for you.