Saturday, December 29, 2012

Roll of Nature's Touch Batting

Okay.  I could not get back to sleep this morning so I checked my email.  Lo and behold a missive from Joann's.  A 25 yard roll of Nature's Touch batting by Pellon for half price ($124.95).  Okay I have been on a batting binge.  Just ordered 3 sizes of Quilters Dream.    Two of them are from which is having a 30% off sale and one from my favorite Amazon batting provider. By the way,  I am really in love with Quilter's Dream but it is too expensive to use on anything but my best quilts. Then I see this.  I bit.  I am now the proud owner of a 25' X 90" roll of batting.  Well anyway it will be on its way soon.  The shipping was only $14.95.  Not bad.

I have used this batting before and it is pretty good.  My machine likes it about as well as Warm and Natural.  I see a lot of quilt finishes in my future.

P.S.  The sale was only supposed to be good through Friday but it let me buy it at the special price.


  1. You quilters are going to to suck me in again, I just know it. lol

    Thanks for highlighting a quilt bat; I've been wondering what people liked besides Warm and Natural, a huge roll of which I do have hanging around the boundaries of the sewing studio.

  2. I saw that too but didn't know how good it was. I love the warm and white.

  3. Hey! That is awesome! I must have missed that one! I am going to download that app on my phone so I can check in anytime and have their coupons with me all the time!
    Happy New Year!!!

  4. I would LUV for you to share your experiences with the different battings that you buy...why do you like them? what are their thickness comparisons, price compare, and what do you like or dislike about the finish drapiness or lack there of?

    I almost always use Warm and Natural buying it when it is half off or more at JoAnn's. I buy a roll at a time. But, it's just been a "stand-by". I don't really know much about other battings...maybe I should research? =)