Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hover Quilt

I got my Hover quilt done from the pattern in Scrap Republic.  I had fun piecing all the logs.  It is nice and colorful.

Also other news.  We finally have an executive council, bylaws, rules and regulations and membership dues for the Austin Modern Quilt Guild.  We only had one volunteer for each position on the executive council.  It is a start.  I went bold and volunteered for President.  With Quiltcon coming to Austin in February it should be a jammed pack year for us.


  1. Great quilt. I love all of the blocks.

  2. This quilt is just wonderful

  3. I commend you on volunteering for President. Big, huge, job; but on the other hand, not impossible. I am trying to help Heather with the Quiltcon volunteers. I think after I get through 985 new emails this morning (no exaggeration on that number) and drink about a pot of coffee, I will be back on track with her. :)