Thursday, April 21, 2011

Summer Breeze

My husband and I went to the quilt store in Georgetown when we went to the Poppy Festival last weekend.  I picked up  few odds and ends on sale and he decided I needed 12 fat quarters of Moda's Summer Breeze.  Who was I to argue.

I don't think I got all of the fat quarters in the picture but you get the idea.  I am going to use the Yellow Brick Road pattern.  It is easy and fast unlike my churn dash and farmer's wife recent efforts.

I also made a baby quilt out of a Max and Whiskers charm pack and I am making another out of Central Park by Kate Spain.  I have co-workers who have had grandchildren recently and I am just looking for something small to give them.

You can see part of the Central Park nine patches to the right of my quilt.  Coincidentally, the pattern I am using the Central Park for is a Kate Spain pattern called "Verna".  I downloaded the other charm square pattern using Max and Whiskers from Sew Mama Sew.  I love free so thank you Elizabeth Hartman.

I also did not get a chance to post seven things about myself from the Stylish Blogger Award thanks to LaDonna and Diana at A Sisterly Connection. When I go out of town on business for a week it takes me a while to recuperate.

1.  I only have a year and a half until I am eligible for Medicare (a round-about way of stating my age)
2.  I had a granddaughter die of SIDS about four years ago.
3.  I really enjoy gardening even though that is on hold for now since we are presently living in an apartment.
4.  I love school and attended graduate school about 10 years ago and worked on plant tissue culture.  I  am a scientist wannabe.
5.  My favorite color is hot pink.  I have a hot pink holder for my iphone and macbook.
6.  I was blogging for several years on a site called Vox which is now defunct.  I had a lot of  photography buddies.  My husband and I share a love of photographing, what else, flowers.
7.  My favorite food is Mexican.  Coming to Texas from Missouri I really got lucky food-wise.

I guess that wraps it up.


  1. What a wonderful husband! The fabrics are so pretty, no wonder he wanted you to have them! I like your baby quilt, very nice. Texas does have the best Mexican food!

    I'm so sorry about your granddaughter. I can't imagine what you and your family went through. I hope the joy of her life is what you remember more now than the pain of losing her.


  2. Ooohhh, I'm going to Texas (San Antonio) for a conference in July. Everybody says to eat Mexican while I'm down there. I can't wait!

    Very sad about your granddaughter. I think that must be the very worst thing - to lose a child. How heartbreaking!

    Max and Whiskers is very cute fabric. Your quilt top is great!