Sunday, March 29, 2009

Paper Journal

I have started a paper gardening journal. I am trying to get more practice in creative writing and make my posts longer. When I am on the computer I seem to make my posts short but sweet. When writing in my paper journal I go for a longer post. Hopefully, I can make my computer posts longer and more interesting.

Well on to gardening. My seedlings are sprouting happily. I am surprised that I have had better germination rates with some inexpensive Burpee zinnia seeds and less than stellar germination rates from my expensive Thompson and Morgan marigold seeds ( okay they were free, but if I had to buy them then they would have been expensive). So far the total is 14 marigolds to 43 zinnias. Hopefully they marigolds will start popping up soon. My husband likes Marigolds and I would like to have some in my small border.

I am going to start some lavender seeds next week. They are lavendula augustifola "Blue Sky Elegance". They are supposed to flower the first year from seed. I shall find out. I am hoping to take some cuttings from some "Provence" and "Grosso" plants this fall. I am planning on buying some nice sized plants at the Lavender Festival in Blanco in June. I am so looking forward to going to the lavender festival this year. Last year my husband went and got some great pictures.

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