Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Marigolds and Zinnia

I just started some marigold and zinnia seeds in a seed starting medium in six packs. I was totally surprised to have started them on Monday morning and by Tuesday evening I had some seeds that had already germinated. I was not ready for this. I did not have my light put together and ready. I had to scramble this morning to get the light over the emerging seedlings. Now the excitement begins. I plan on setting these out in the garden in a few weeks. I should have at least one set of true leaves by then. I read MrBrownThumb's blog and got inspired. I already have a blog on Vox but this is mostly for my photography and general life stuff. Didn't have a home for my gardening side.

I got the marigold seeds from Thompson and Morgan as a bonus with the rest of my order. I always have good luck with their seeds. The zinnia seeds I picked up at Home Depot. Hope I have a good germination rate.

Propagation is the most fun anyone can have, in my opinion. That is why I went back to school and took horticulture classes. Propagation was my favorite. When those first seed leaves come popping out of the soil I really get excited. Now that my seeds are starting to germinate, I will be watching closely. That is the fun of gardening for me.


  1. Hi Sue,

    Can't agree with you more that playing with seeds is the fun part of gardening.

  2. Totally. When I catch a glimpse of those first seed leaves I get goosebumps. Of course it is nice when you actually get the flower to bloom or the tomato to actually produce some tomatoes but that first glimpse is the magical moment.

  3. In three weeks you'll have more than a couple true leaves on your marigolds. In less than six weeks I've got flowers starting to show.

    "Magical moment." Couldn't have said it better.