Sunday, April 13, 2014

March Blocks Finished

I finished up my Lucy Boston March block for Rundu.  She wanted orange and gray.

I got my other block swap done and sent off also.

This is my part of my pile of trimmings from my Liberty of London tana lawn hexagons I cut with my Accu-Quilt die.  These were too small to cut 1" or 3/4" inch hexies from.  With fabric that is $36.00 per yard I decided I was not going to waste these small trimmings.  I got some 1/2" hexie paper templates from Paperpieces and I went to town.  I got over 125 hexagons pinned and ready to baste.  

Jan of SewandFarm had a great idea for when you are pinning fabric on to the card stock.  She uses 1/2" appliqué pins.  I got some last weekend and boy do they work well for the 1/2" hexagons.  Thanks Jan.  

My oldest was in town this weekend from Baltimore.  Today we went to see Captain America on the IMAX screen.  I am not normally a fan of 3D but this movie was made for it.  Who doesn't love a good action movie.  Afterwards we went to my husband and my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.  It was a fun day.


  1. Ha! Those applique pins are great! Less pin pricks always makes me happy. And 125? Really? Wow you are a hexie making machine! That is awesome. love Judys block too.
    xo jan

  2. I saw the parts of the first Captain America and didn't like it, hoped this movie was better...

    Love your hexies

  3. Gorgeous colors on that block!

  4. The block you made is lovely.

  5. Very pretty and smaller is never easier but always cuter.

  6. Your block turned out great. Time well spent with family.