Monday, September 30, 2013

Another Kaffe Quilt

I got started on another Kaffe quilt at the Austin Modern Quilt Guild sew-in on Saturday.  I got my pieces cut, and sewn.  Lovely half square triangles.  Luckily they were big.  That left me 36 blocks to trim.

I spent some quality time with my 12.5 inch ruler to cut these babies down to 9.5 inches.

I got everything up on the design wall but ran out of town to take pictures.  It is looking awesome.  I only got one row sewn but I will get it done next weekend.

I spent today with some quality time with the vacuum cleaner, duster, scrub bucket, etc.  Yesterday my husband and I went through some accumulated magazines and junk mail and it went in the shred or throw pile.  Today I completely scrubbed the living and dining room and moved things around so I could get in a small desk for my husband.  I cleaned out a file drawer so he had space to store his stuff.  I wanted my dining room table back.  Yeah.   It is now clean as a whistle.  Next weekend is my sewing room and the kitchen.  I did get my sewing room a little neater but it still needs some work.

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