Sunday, March 11, 2012

String Quilt Revival Quilt

I made progress on my string quilt.  I decided to piece it on the diagonal since my charm squares were directional.  I tried getting my sizes for my setting triangles from Quilt Pro but it would only give me a layout and not the size of the squares.  Thank goodness for Bonnie Hunter.  She has a page that gives you the math to figure out the blocks that you divide to get your setting triangles.  I still have eleven blocks to go.  Since I start at the charm square edge and go out with scraps on all four sides it is time-consuming.  I am using up a lot of scraps but still have lots left.  How many scrap quilts am I going to have to make to use up my scraps.  It seems that they just multiply in my storage containers. I pin-basted another quilt but did not get to it yet.  I am out-of-town this week so I will not get anything done until the weekend.

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