Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More Christmas Quilts

My husband finally emailed the pictures he took of more of my Christmas quilts.

I made a table topper/wall quilt for my sister using a Glace charm pack and some extra fabric.

Next is my Dad's Quilt.  My husband picked out the fabric.  It is Jo Morton/Andover Fabrics.

Jo Morton/Andover Fabrics

I also finished up my son's fiancee's quilt.  She likes blue.  I had some beautiful batik fabric I picked up at the Chishom Trail Quilt Show.

Beautiful Batiks

Pieced Back
The last one was for my oldest son.  There is a story behind this quilt.  He had a quilt that was polyester camo fabric that his great aunt made for him.  He had that quilt into his 20's until it fell apart.  I made him a quilt with fabrics that have a camo look for the front and flannel camo for the back.  It is really a cuddle quilt.  

Yes that is really flannel camo

Finally my husband took a bigger picture of the churn dash quilt I sent to our daughter and son-in-law.

As you can see I was really busy get things finished up between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I have four more tops done that need to be quilted for both family and friends.  All of the children and grandchildren now have their quilts though.  Yeah!!!!!


  1. I love the camo flannel. Yeah flannel!

  2. Love love love the churn dash!! I tend to favor traditional blocks and I love the colors you used. Thanks for commenting on my question on Block Swap Adventures. I will check out those sites you mentioned.

  3. WOW! You have been busy making the most beautiful quilts. Very lucky family members.
    Happy New Year.

  4. Hi Suemac,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog this past Christmas season on the seed packs as gifts post. What a cool blog you got here.