Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Quilt Finish

Man, it took me a lot longer to do the binding than I figured.  First you have to sew the strips together, then iron, then sew it around the perimeter of the quilt doing all that mitering stuff and then hand sew to the back.  Whew.  I also had to mess around with my embroidery machine in order to get the label right.

I feel like I have been through a marathon the last two weekends but it is done.


  1. Awesome, I love it! I can see this being a great quilt pattern for larger scale prints, with those big squares! Were you working from a particular pattern, or you designed this yourself? Really beautiful!

  2. Love your quilt. I feel the same way about binding it takes me forever.

  3. I love this! And I'm in love with the orange quilt below. How interesting.