Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gardening in Austin

I recently moved to Austin, TX quite unexpectedly.  I was planning on moving here when I sold our house in St. Louis, however, my husband fell and broke his femur and had to have surgery so I came down immediately.  

I am planning on starting some seeds today.  I went to the local gardening center and they had Thompson and Morgan seeds.  I always order from them online but had not seen their seeds at a garden center since Frank's went out of business.  Got some basil and monarda seeds.  Both require light to germinate.  I have a patio to garden in.  Hopefully I get enough light.   I had already ordered a seed starting system from Gardener's Supply.  It is made of styrofoam with a wicking system.  I have used them before and really like how my seeds turn out.  I had to compost my St. Louis seedlings before I left.  Goodbye zinnias and marigolds.  

I am looking forward to getting a house here with a sunny place to garden in.

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  1. I hope your husband is doing well after his surgery. I have a relative who broke a femur. It wasn't a fun process.

    Good luck with the gardening.