Saturday, June 7, 2014

H2H Challenge

This post should be titled "The Joys of Moving" My husband got a promotion to another city which is about 1.5 hours away from Austin.  We took the plunge and moved south so that it is about an equal commute time-wise for both of us.  Between packing and moving not much sewing was done.  I got my quilts pin-basted and my Batik Jewels quilted last weekend when I finished uppacking.  I got the binding done today.  I did some straight line quilting and machine bound it to save time.  The machine binding went well.  This time I used Clover clips and some glue. 

My other quilt for Happy Chemo is a work in progress.  I have it half quilted.  This quilt is from some Moda weaves that I got several years ago and decided to use.  I love the yellow and blue combo. I should have this baby done by tomorrow so I can send both quilts off on Monday.  P.S. This is the new-to-me Juki Exceed 600 that is making my life so much easier.  It is so much fun to quilt on this machine with the bigger throat.  I am almost enjoying the quilting process.